The following model descriptions will apply to the 316 Series(1/4 NPT connections),
38 Series(3/8 NPT connections), and 416 Series (1/4 NPT connections). There are some exceptions

Standard Lever Operator(316F1/38F1)- straight handle, rounded top.

Standard Lever, Spring Return(316F2/38F2)- Valve is automatically returned to original
position after valve has been selected.

Plastic Ball Tip Operator(316F1-178/38F1-178)
- Threaded lever supplied with 3/8 diameter
(316 series) or 5/8 diameter (38 Series) ball.

Roller Lever Operator(316F3/38F3)
- Steel plated lever with SS roller. Spring return.

Override Extension Spring Lever(316F1-221/38F1-221)- Spring installed for overrride
protection and additional length.

Panel Mount(P Prefix P316F1/P38F1)
- Micro Valve has threaded portion for central
mounting, commonly furnished with electric toggle switches.

4-Way Micro Valve(416EF1)
- 2 Position. Two 316 series Micro Valves are joined together
and actuated with a common operator. please ask for an install drawing showing port
and flow configurations.

Vacuum Service (-1 Option)- Valve cap seal is held captive to allow for negative pressure
applications. See cutaway view below for data.

* Please ask for any special requirements. Many modifications have been utilized.

*Flow charts available. Please contact us.
*Micro Valve can be supplied with two distinct orifice sizes to provide for special flow and pressure requirements.