Founders:Eugene V. Barkow and John C. Swatsworth Sr.

The Micro Valve trademark was issued in 1953. With a patent pending, a small advertisement of the Micro Valve in an industry trade magazine was noticed by Clarence Glasgow, VP & Chief engineer of National Tank Co., Tulsa, Oklahoma. Upon his contact with Barworth, he expressed serious interest in this new item. After much correspondence and several visits, a licensing agreement was reached between the two parties.

Mr. Glasgow originally saw the Micro Valve as a device that would enhance the automation of oil production, especially in remote areas. His thought was to use the natural wellhead gas as a power source to operate main control valves, using the Micro Valve as a pilot. This would eliminate the use of generators and electrical controls, thus ensuring a safer environment.

With the cooperation of National Tank Company's legal department, both U.S. and Canadian patents were quickly issued.

Invalco entered the picture at this point. Originally called Instruments, Inc., Invalco was acquired by National Tank Company to improve their direction into oilfield automation.
The Micro Valve found a home with the Invalco line of
products , including level controls and pressure switches, and a new agreement was made to integrate the Micro Valve into their operation. Invalco subsequently developed new products using the Micro Valve, which gained National Tank Company numerous patents. Needless to say, sales of Micro Valves continued to increase steadily.

micro valves

two complete orders ready for shipment.

In various corporate moves over the following years the importance of the Micro Valve was recognized, and our agreement with Invalco was always included in any
changes right up until the present with FMC Energy
As a result of the agents and distributors of the various corporations, introduction of the Micro Valve into other industries evolved:

natural gas injection pumps
control panels
research & development safety & control
systems applications requiring no lubrication
sampling air tools

The Micro Valve has continually proven itself to be a reliable, durable, and cost effective product.